Signature+ Tattoo Numbing Cream


Numb Your Skin For Up to 7+ Hours with Signature+ Tattoo Numbing Cream

Our Signature Numbing Cream on steroids.

Sit pain-free for your next tattoo with our Signature+ Cream. With proper application and tattoo prep, you can experience complete numbness for up to 7 hours, take fewer breaks, and truly enjoy the process of creating your masterpiece.

Benefits of Signature+ Tattoo Numbing Cream:

  • Numb the tattoo area for up to 6+ hours
  • Allow your artist to work undisturbed
  • Stay relaxed for a painless tattooing experience

Whether you're getting a sizable piece or adding ink to sensitive areas like the ribs, chest, or inner arm, our Signature+ Numbing Cream ensures you can express yourself without enduring pain.

Pain-free tattoos with numbed ink

How to Use

It's as simple as: Wash, Apply, Wait.

  1. Wash & exfoliate the area
  2. Apply the cream thoroughly to the tattoo area using a glove, then cover with plastic wrap
  3. Wait for 60-90 minutes before starting the tattoo session

Once applied, relax and enjoy a comfortable tattooing experience without breaks. For extended sessions, re-apply the cream as needed. It's 100% safe, and a reapplication only takes 20-40 minutes for full numbness.

How Many Tubes Do I Need?

  • Small Tattoo: 1 or 2 tubes
  • Half Sleeve or Calf Size: 3 or 4 tubes
  • Full Sleeve or Larger: 5+ tubes

Protect and comfort your skin with the Signature+ Numbing Cream for your next tattoo.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Janet guzman (Los Angeles, US)
It worked!

My artist told me to take a hot shower 2hrs prior, shave the area, apply it, reapply 30min before, and wrap it tightly. It worked! I didn't feel a thing and it actually made it go by faster. My arm was still numb after my tattoo. I'm buying it again.

Jordann M.

I love this numbing cream. It is truly a lifesaver. The white halo around her brows is what it’s all about. She even fell asleep.