9 Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Every Ink Lover

Forearm tattoos are a great place for your first tattoo or your tenth tattoo. It shows confidence and toughness, allowing you to show off your body’s canvas to anyone you meet. And if necessary, hide it from anyone who may not approve. 

And if you’ve been browsing around for forearm tattoo ideas, you’ve probably seen a variety of designs from simple handpokes to full lower arm sleeves. This is the last inspirational list you’ll need – we’ve put together our favorite forearm tattoo designs from our customers to inspire your next great ink idea. 

1. Honor your family or cultural heritage

This forearm tattoo symbolizes the connection to the person’s Irish heritage and culture. The green, living clovers represent the emergence of younger generations from older ones. Complete with the names of their current family members, this forearm tattoo could be an idea for anyone who wants to proudly show off their heritage. For you, this could mean the flag of your native country or your family’s coat of arms – get creative!

family heritage tattoo

2. Show off your flower power

Floral tattoos look great on both women and men’s forearms, whether they’re black or colored ink. They symbolize love and new beginnings, which can be powerful reminders if you’re getting over a breakup or honoring someone who has recently passed. Alternatively, they can strengthen the bond between two individuals, whether it’s partner & partner, mother & daughter, or another relationship that you cherish.

simple floral men's forearm tattoo

3. Take your hobby everywhere

Jeep owners have a strong attachment to their trucks. But they’re not the only ones with a burning passion for their hobbies. If you’re into off-roading & outdoor adventure activities like fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking, consider forearm tattoo ideas like fishing poles, deer antlers, campfires, or boot prints that remind you of your happy place – the great outdoors.

jeep forearm tattoo

4. Get a half sleeve

Colored forearm sleeves are statement pieces; the statement is “don’t mess with me.”  If you commit to a forearm sleeve, whether it’s in stages or all at once, people will know you mean business. From neo-traditional designs to dark, gothic art, you have the ultimate freedom when it comes to creativity, color, and “wow” factor.

lower forearm sleeve

5. Grow out of your cocoon

Butterflies are the most popular tattoo design on the human body. And for good reason, it’s connected to femininity and romance, two cornerstones of modern society. And with plenty of ways to style & color the butterfly, the sky is your limit. Opt for a simple handpoke tattoo or a vibrant geometric pattern like this one.

geometric butterfly tattoo

6. Play your favorite video game

If you grew up in the age of Super Mario Bros, you know exactly how transformative those games were. So much so, that this person chose to start an entire lower arm sleeve dedicated to the video game (unfinished as of now). Whether it’s Super Mario Bros or Tetris or Pac-Man, a forearm tattoo is an excellent way to enshrine the game in your memory (and on your skin) forever, even if consoles & PCs continue to evolve.

super mario bros tattoo

7. Paint a pet portrait

Everyone loves their pets; that’s no secret. But do you love them enough to tattoo their faces on your forearm forever? If you’re like most people, you probably said yes. Commemorate the loss of a family pet with an ink portrait or proudly wear their furry face to celebrate the day you rescued or welcomed them into your home.

pet portrait forearm tattoo

8. Wear your heart on your sleeve

Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally. Tie your favorite person’s name into a heart-shaped tattoo design and show off your love everywhere you go. It’ll serve as a constant reminder of your love, helping you through good times and bad, and instill a great sense of pride & appreciation in your partner or loved one.

heart & name tattoo

9. Tap into your spiritual side

Show off your spiritual side. Though this forearm tattoo depicts Buddha with the Tree of Life, a proud symbol of Buddhism (a global religion with over 400 million followers), Buddhism is largely rooted in spiritual reliefs. So whether you’re honoring an ancient religion like this person or expressing your own dogmatic, heart-centered, or intellectual spirituality, the tattoo possibilities are endless. 

buddhist forearm tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Which forearm is best for a tattoo?

We recommend getting the tattoo on your non-dominant arm, as the recovery process may leave your arm unable to perform certain functions. At least with your dominant arm at full capacity, you won’t have to relearn how to write, brush your teeth, or take care of your new tattoo

How painful are forearm tattoos?

The outer forearms are one of the less painful body parts to get tattooed due to the thick skin and few nerve endings. On the other hand, however, the inner forearm is a very sensitive area, considered by many to be one of the more painful areas with thinner skin and more nerve endings. And no matter what your pain threshold is, our Signature Numbing Cream will keep you cool & comfortable the entire time. 

Do forearm tattoos affect jobs?

Many employers still have not warmed up to the idea of forearm tattoos. If your employer has a tattoo policy or you’re worried that it may cause trouble, it’s best to cover your ink with a long sleeve while at work. 

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