Tattoo Numbing Cream

No more excuses for waiting to get your next tattoo. Sit pain-free with Signature Tattoo Numbing Creams. Experience complete numbness for up to 5 hours, take fewer breaks, and enjoy the experience!

 Our signature creams numb the area for 6+ hours to prevent pain during your ink session. And it's easy to use - just wash your skin, apply the cream, and wait 60 minutes for your skin to go numb. 

Benefits of using numbing cream for your next tattoo

  1. Prevent pain in sensitive areas of the body like the ribs, ankles, and chest
  2. Avoid suffering in pain for hours at a time
  3. Make your tattoo experience enjoyable whether you're a newbie or ink enthusiast

How to use

  1. Wash & exfoliate your skin to remove dirt and dead skin from the tattoo area
  2. Use a glove to thoroughly apply a thick amount of cream to the tattoo area at least 60-90 minutes before your session
  3. Cover the area with plastic wrap to avoid drying out the cream before your session
  4. Enjoy your session in peace

How long does it last?

The Signature Numbing Cream lasts for 4-6 hours and is recommended for smaller tattoos and touch-ups. The Signature+ Cream lasts for 6-8 hours and is recommended for larger pieces, half sleeves, and full sleeves. 

Larger pieces require the use of multiple tubes and may even require several reapplications. If the cream begins to wear off, reapply then wait 20 minutes before resuming your session. Because the skin is already broken, absorption will occur much faster.

Do tattoo artists let you use numbing cream?

Most artists will let you use numbing creams as it enables them to work more effectively without you squirming in pain. And because you can't feel anything, you won't have to take any breaks, meaning they can work faster. 

What are the active ingredients?

The active ingredient is lidocaine. Other ingredients include water, glycerin, and butylene glycol.

Buy tattoo numbing creams from Numbed Ink Co. 

If you're worried about the pain of a new tattoo, Signature Numbing Creams are your best bet. Our lidocaine-based creams are artist-approved, so you can walk into the shop with confidence and out with a fresh piece of ink.