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Numb Your Skin for 6+ Hours with Signature+ Tattoo Numbing Cream

Our Signature Numbing Cream on steroids. 

Sit pain-free for your next tattoo with our Signature+ Cream. Experience complete numbness for up to 7 hours, take fewer breaks, and enjoy the experience! 

Use the Signature+ Tattoo Numbing Cream to:

  • Numb the tattoo area for up to 6+ hours
  • Let your artist work undisturbed
  • Sit still for a beautiful, painless experience

Sitting for a couple hours for a huge piece? Or adding some ink to your ribs, chest, or inner arm? Our Signature+ Numbing Cream is perfect if you’re looking to express yourself without all the pain. 

 How to Use

3 Few Easy Steps - Wash, Apply, Wait

  1. Wash & exfoliate  
  2. Apply thoroughly to the tattoo area using a glove and cover in plastic wrap
  3. Wait at least 60-90 minutes before sitting

You’re all set! Sit comfortably numb for your entire session without stopping for breaks.

For longer sessions, re-apply the tattoo numbing cream as needed. It is 100% safe and only takes 20-40 minutes for a full numbing when reapplying. 

How many tubes do I need?

  • Small Tattoo - 1 or 2 tubes
  • Half Sleeve or Calf Size - 3 or 4 tubes
  • Full Sleeve or More - 5+ Tubes

Save your skin. Grab the Signature+ Numbing Cream for your next tattoo. 

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