How To Care For Your New Tattoo

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How To Care For Your New Tattoo

As with most things in life, a tattoo is an investment. Beyond its artistic value, a new tattoo is a piece of you! In order for it to thrive, you need to take care of your new tattoo. This means giving it the proper attention and protection necessary until and after it fully heals properly.

Numbed Ink Co. is dedicated to providing you with all of the essential tools you’ll need to keep your new tattoo looking fresh and bright for years. We’re also dedicated to making sure that everyone who gets inked, regardless of whether it’s their first or their fiftieth time, knows how to keep their investment looking vibrant and new.

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1. The Artist Knows Best

Hopefully, you got your ink from a reputable and experienced tattoo parlor and not in your buddy’s basement. Assuming this is true, —and we really hope that it is! —you’ll want to listen to the expert. Your tattoo artist has worked and studied for years to hone their craft, so they’ll know what they’re talking about.

When your inking session is through, you artist will apply some jelly and wrap it in a bandage or plastic wrap. Leave that in place for at least 24 hours. 

Remember the aftercare instructions they give you, too! While every place is a little different, they’ll all have the same general guidelines for what not to do until your tattoo is fully healed. These bans will include activities such as:

  • Wearing tight clothing
  • Exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight
  • Swimming
  • Hot showers

2. Keep It Clean

It doesn’t matter if your tattoo is family-friendly or raunchy as can be, it still needs to be kept clean! A tattoo is, after all, a massive collection of needle pokes, each of which is an opportunity for bacteria to set up shop.

Avoid the pain, stress, and danger of letting germs create their own tattoo studio under your skin by washing your new ink properly. After the 24 hours is up, gently remove the bandaging over your tattoo. Until your tattoo is completely healed, you’ll want to wash your tattoo twice per day with antimicrobial soap. When you’re done, pat it dry; no rubbing!

Whenever you wash your tattoo, be sure to wash your hands first. Only use warm or cool water; hot water may scald the sensitive skin of a fresh tattoo. Aside from the pain this will cause, the scalding also leads to rapid fading.

3. Keep it Oiled

In addition to making sure your tattoo is clean, you want the skin to stay moisturized and healthy. Soap has a bad habit of drying out skin, so you’ll need to give that ink a bit of a drink afterward. Two times a day, apply a gentle moisturizer or some vaseline to the tattooed area.

To make it a truly painless tattoo experience, consider investing in balms and salves that are specially formulated for tattoos. Our Ink Balm is antimicrobial, making it a perfect fit for every stage of the healing process. The formula wards off bacteria, moisturizes skin, and reinforces existing colors.

4. Stick to the Routine

All of this washing and oiling and tender care will need to persist until your tattoo is fully healed. This may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks; larger tattoos will heal slower than smaller ones. However, your journey isn’t over then! Your pain-free tattoo aftercare needs to continue and turn into a regular routine of maintenance and upkeep.

For the best results, you’ll want to make sure that the tattooed area is kept clean and free from harm. After the scabs have fallen away naturally, keep putting on sunscreen and moisturizer.

5. Plan Ahead

After your first tattoo, it may be hard to stop! When you’re completely healed and ready for more, consider investing in the pregame for your next tattoo. Choose where you want it to go and start prepping the skin for treatment. Numbed Ink Co. carries the perfect solution for this: our Charcoal Scrub washes away oils, debris, and germs to make the tattoo site the perfect canvas for your artist.

Before you go, use some of our signature Numbing Cream. Among topical anesthetics, none are as effective as ours. After only 1–1.5 hours, our cream gives you 4–6 hours of numb, pain-free tattooing pleasure. Looking forward to a longer session? We have that covered, too! Our Signature + Numbing Cream will last you 5–7 hours.

Don’t fear the needle. Express yourself, get inked, and enjoy a lifetime of gorgeous art. Your tattoos are a story. Your ink expresses who you are. Take care of it before and after the process with Numbed Ink Co.’s line of tattoo care products.