8 Men's Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Have you seen thigh tattoos on guys at the gym and thought to yourself, “I want that.” Of course you have, every man has. But what kind of tattoo would you get?

We’re here to help all men answer that question by providing you with inspirational ideas for your next thigh tattoo. But first…

What’s the deal with thigh tattoos?

Thigh tattoos have risen in popularity in the last few years, especially for men. They’re a great spot for your next tattoo for a number of reasons: 

Can fit any design, big or small

The large, flat surface of your thigh makes it easy for the tattoo artist to do their thing. So whether you want a small, simple design or a large, intricate one, your artist will be thankful you chose such an easy body part to work with. 

Are easily covered up with pants 

Thigh tattoos owe part of their success to 5 inch inseam shorts. This trend made men more comfortable showing off skin that’s usually hidden by longer shorts and pants. But when you have to go to work or hide your ink, you can easily cover up your thigh with a pair of pants. 

Less likely to fade or become damaged

As long as you don’t wear tight pants for the first few weeks while it heals, you won’t have to worry about the ink fading from friction or being damaged from impact. Even better, they’ll often be protected from excess sun exposure and wrinkling skin.

Are less painful than other areas of the body

Compared to your chest or ribs, thigh tattoos are a breeze. The legs have more fat, thicker skin, and fewer nerve endings, meaning that needle will feel less like a knife and more like a scratch.  

Walk the line between bold & intimate

The thigh is an intimate area, even for men with hairy legs. They make your legs appear skinnier and highlight muscle tone, both of which will add to your sex appeal. Your significant other will take one look at your tattoo and immediately want to see more, who doesn’t want that? 

8 Men’s Thigh Tattoo Ideas That You’ll Never Get Tired Of

Thigh tattoos are all the rage right now, especially for men. There’s no better feeling than rolling up to the gym or the beach with 5 inch inseam shorts and everyone staring at your legs. And with the added sex appeal, they’re practically a no-brainer.

But you can’t just get any regular thigh tattoo, you have to stand out. Get inspired by these men’s thigh tattoo ideas before you talk to your artist about your next piece. 

Front of Thigh

The front of the thigh is one of the most popular spots for men’s tattoos, especially over the last few years. It’s perfect for guys who want to show off their upper thighs at the gym, pool, or beach. It’ll make your quad muscles look more defined and skyrocket your sex appeal. 

It’s also the least painful area of your thigh, making it a great spot for your first tattoo. And when you have to cover up, it can be easily hidden with longer shorts or pants. 

Ready to embrace your inner cyborg? Show off your the engineering in your leg with a mechanical tattoo that extends down to your lower leg. 


mechanical thigh tattoo

Lions are the king of the jungle, symbolizing bravery and courage. This has made them a popular tattoo design for men of all ages. With the animal’s sharp fangs front and center, this mid-thigh tattoo is impossible to miss.


mens lion thigh tattoo

Back of Thigh (Hamstring)

Tattoos on the hamstring (back of thigh) typically hurt worse than those on the quadricep muscles (front of thigh). The skin is a bit thinner and there are more nerve endings. Not to mention, the hamstring is one of the largest muscles in your body – pressing a needle into it for several hours won’t be pleasant.

But if you’re ready to handle the pain and the aftercare for the next few weeks, hamstring tattoos are head-turning pieces that will get people talking. Here

Hip & Outer Thigh

Getting inked over your hip bone is extremely painful because of the thin skin and lack of fat. If this is your first tattoo, lather up with our Signature Numbing Cream so you can make it through. And even if this is your second, third, or fourth piece, numbing cream will keep you comfortable in the chair. 

Choose a design with vertical orientation to make use of your entire hip and outer thigh. This skull tattoo looks incredible on this guy’s outer thigh, and it just wouldn’t have the same effect on another body part.


female grim reaper thigh tattoo

Looking for something a little less head-turning? This cathedral design is easily hidden by pants and knee-length shorts. And when you're ready to show it off, throw on a pair of shorter shorts. 

religious outer thigh tattoo

Inner Thigh

The inner thigh is one of the most intimate parts of the human body; even just a mention of the area is considered taboo. Because of this, most men choose a design that’s either sexy or funny. Since you’ll be showing it to select individuals, you can be a bit more bold. 


inner thigh ghost tattoo on man

If nudity is your thing, the inner thigh is the perfect place for it. This guy chose an intimate area for his nude mermaid tattoo. 


naked mermaid inner thigh tattoo

Full Leg

Ready to start on your full leg sleeve? With 30-40 hours of tattooing ahead of you, it only seems right to start with the biggest piece – your thigh. Starting at the top of your leg will help frame the rest of your sleeve, ensuring everything is spaced exactly how you’d like. 

This blackwork leg sleeve took over 10 hours to complete but it was well worth the wait. 


blackwork thigh tattoo

Going for more of a traditional look? This tree branch extends all the way from the foot to the outer thigh, with the raven serving as the focal point of the tattoo sleeve. 


raven on tree full outer leg tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Do thigh tattoos hurt after?

Generally speaking, thigh tattoos are less painful than other parts of the body. However, your comfort level after the tattoo will depend on the size, color, and particular location of the tattoo. Tattoos on the inner thigh and hamstring (back) will hurt more than those on the front of your thigh or outer hip.

As for your pain after the session, it will depend on how you treat your skin. Minimize discomfort by cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting your new ink from infections, sunlight, and water. 

What position are you in for a thigh tattoo?

Positions vary for thigh tattoos. And though they may vary between artists and even designs, these are the most common positions for thigh tattoos:

  • Front & inner thigh - sitting in the chair
  • Hip and outer thigh - laying on your side
  • Back of thigh - laying on your stomach

Ready to get your thigh tattoo? We’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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